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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Summary San Oil Antonio, Rich Texas For Final – Cbd Benefits Hemp



  • Summary San Oil Antonio, Rich Texas For Final – Cbd Benefits Hemp
  • CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know
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  • In fact, in way of side-effects, CBD hemp oils don't have any. This is why so many sellers have entered the market over the last few years, successfully and lawfully shipping CBD oil to all to ensure our organic hemp extract is rich in the highest quality CBD, Summary Feel the benefits for yourself. HempWorx CBD Oil Drops Helps With Pain/Neuropathy! . Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - CBD Oil Benefits Summary of Research Findings. What you need to know about CBD oil and fibromyalgia. Is it legal? But is a question of education. There are many natural ways, finding the right solution for you.

    Summary San Oil Antonio, Rich Texas For Final – Cbd Benefits Hemp

    And as far as being addictive ya right BS It helps and no side affects. How many pages of side affects do you get with your perscriptions??? We all have cb1 and cb2 receptors in are brains that are helped by marijuana if you need it use it! My mum has dementia and we need something to relax her and help her sleep. Are you able to post an image of the product here? It should looks like used motor oil. The clear hemp oil sold online is nothing like real thing.

    Very hard to make your own. Find a dispensary … no one with ALZ should be worried about the law and yet here we are. Can you tell me exactly what it is that you are using? I think it is making her lose valuable time with her memory that is still intact. It is not a cure or a magic bullet, but it really takes the edge off for right now. I was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment about years ago.

    After trying the conventional meds for a very short time, I realized it was not going to help me the way I wanted. I use CBD capsules 2 times during the day late morning and again late afternoon. At night before bed I take a THC cap. I have been on this regime for several years and I have not progressed a lot. I still do everything I have always done, including driving, paying my own bills, taking care of the house and meals etc. Luckily, I also have a wonderful husband of 47 years who is really understanding and helpful.

    I do not believe that cannabis will cure me. It woulld be wonderful, but I have been using it for at least 2 years. I have noticed that the disease has not progress a lot. It has, but not enough to alter my lifestyle much. I would definitely recommend cannabis to anyone who has access to it. Good luck to you.

    I use eyedroppers full, onto my tongue. I also have dementia mild cognitive impairment and was finding it hard to go to sleep at night. I take a THC capsule before bed and it relaxes me enough to fall asleep most nights. I took a couple puffs at night, very nice, relaxed, slept, no nightmares, no side effects. Its great virtue is that of fighting cancer cells! My mother died of this disease Now I have an aunt my moms sister who is starting to decline into this abiss of dementia She has memory impairment paranoia ,angry outbursts Agitation etc Every day seems to get worse I just started to see some documentaries and research on this oil How does one get it if your state does not yet recognize it as a treatment.

    You can reach out to me at http: The one person who is using my product but with some THC is noticing quite a bit of relief with behavioral symptoms but not with cognition as of yet. She is taking about 7mg of tincture a day. And I have a superior product. I live in France and I would like to give tais treatment to my father. Where can I buy thc and bdc oils? I tried to send something to Belgium once and it never arrived. I guess it sat at customs for several weeks and was returned 2 months later to me in a box that was destroyed.

    If you can figure out how and are willing to take the risk of it not making it you can contact me again. I know they have sativex in England in spray form. Any chance you can get some of that for her??? Its a US based company, doing business online, without any prescription required. Although they may not ship Internationally, they are terrific people, who will offer advice, if they can.

    Some of the most predatory people out there. Get your facts straight, before you presume to weigh in! Again, get your facts straight! The country just below Spain. I have dementia so it name is not here, yet I have traveled to over 50 countries by oneself. For prevention THC is important. Let me first offer my sincere sympathies, Elfie. I purchase my oils from Bluebird Botanicals.

    It is the THC component which is so reviled. I wish to restate, emphatically, that Marijuana is NOT addictive, certainly not so in the implied physio-biological sense. Dale Lewis, please contact me. I have a father who is 63 and has been diagnosed with severe progressive dementia. He lives in the DC area and is getting worse by the day. Can you give me some info about using medical marijuana to help my dad.

    Elle, read my posts from today about how I use Cannabis for dementia. If you have any questions, please feel free to sent me a post. CBD helps me remember yesterday. My phone number , on the West coast. I have been undercard for two years. Elfie, I use medical marijuana for the beginning stages of dementia. Read my post, I just posted about 5 or 10 minutes ago.

    Hi my name is Linda, I live in England! We have bin told now that medication she was on for her restless legs which was something totally different was making the shaking worse. But yet the shaking is part of the dementia. We are now at the end of are tether and was wondering if you could send me any information about marijuana or cannabis oil!

    We would appreciate any help you could give us! Where is your post. I have same issued with my mom. Rebecca… I just saw your question today Check your email if possible. You still want the neuro-protectant efficacy of the Sativa while sleeping.

    Just take a slightly larger amount at night, but; not too much more. Thank you so much in advance. I thought there was nothing to be done, I thought his life was about to end until i caught wind of the special cannabis oil.

    Thanks to Dr Peter Hurt. I am so happy with how the Cannabis oil have changed the life of my daughter. Can you send me what you posted for Linda on dementia. I want to get him off these meds because they all have adverse effects. Maybe you could help me out. I would like to know if you got your answers, if you used it on your Mum, and if it worked. My mum had the same issues! Medical marijuana is really working well on my chronic pain i order some CBD Capsule oil from Dr Peter Hurt and got it deliver to my location safely i recommend you contact him via above for all your health issues.

    Unfortunately my Mother is in the care of an assisted Living Facility against my wishes, hence I can no longer take part in her needs as far as medications go.

    Heavens knows a facility would never prescribe the oils. Something that might actually work, right??? Our medical and pharmaceutical systems suck!! It is all about money!! These Strains helps people with the following: C if you are interested do get back to me via on profile.

    My health has improved remarkably all thanks to this good Dr. Please for all your inquiries contact him via call or text as above and experience first hand the quality of his products and services. Hi Elfie, I just found this site. Sorry your Mom passed from this disease. Now it is my turn. I was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment 3 or 4 years ago and have been able to slow the progress down with diet and exercise.

    As soon as I was diagnosed, I became a Vegan and started exercising so much that I have destroyed my knees and hip s. I do not use the drugs that the medical professionals recommend. I tried them for a short time and wan not impressed. Good luck to you and please feel free to respond. Could you advise me regarding the dosage.

    What we have available in our place is 50mg Cannabis capsule. I get them from a dispensary and I have never thought about the mg. This regimen has kept me pretty normal during the day. I still do everything I have always done. Drive,take care of the house, grocery shop and prepare meals, pay my own bills etc. If you have a medical marijuana dispensary you go to, talk to them.

    I am very fortunate that the one I go to has a Medical Doctor on staff and is able to give me advice on dosage etc. They have to be careful what they advise, but it is very helpful to have their input. Good luck and feel free to contact me if you want to chat. I am only giving my dad 2.

    I personally do not like the feeling of edibles if you take too much they can make you dizzy. I find the 2. The Puckers candy breaks up easily and tastes like a lemon drop. My dad likes it a lot and it is helping him sleep through the night for the first time in years.

    Hello, has anyone seen improvement of the below Alzheimers symptoms with medical marijuana or oils? Please help If we could get her to go to sleep many of these symptoms would be solved. If you can get it, give her THC at night. That should do it. If you get marijauna that she has to smoke have her smoke some a couple of times a day, but especially at night before bed.

    I have early stage of dementia mild cognitive impairment , and I have stayed at this stage for quite some time. If you can get it for her, start out with small doses a couple of times a day and see how she tolerates it.

    When you figure out a dose, then at bedtime give her a bigger dose. If you can also get CBD, give her that a couple of times during the day. I would be happy to stay in contact with you. If you would like that also, then let me know and maybe we could exchange email addresses or stay in contact through messaging on Facebook.

    There are 3 to choose from, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid mix of both. I have ordered a vape and intend to buy resin. I would like to try to prevent the plaque build-up that happens insidiously for years before becoming symptomatic. For night-time, an Indica dominant hybrid would be better for sleep. Hello Bruce, glad it is of help to her, may I ask where you purchase as I also have health issues and prefer to not take pharmaceuticals, thank you.

    Now your holy weed lowers cholesterol and blood pressure? I did not realize it lowers cholesterol. I became a Vegan many years ago to help lower my cholesterol. It really did help that much. I will not take the cholesterol meds.

    That has helped a great deal. Just recently, I started to feel like I may need more during the day, so I will work on that after the Holidays are over. You have serious anger management issues, probably best dealt with through hospitalization and a pre-frontal lobotomy. Since entering this thread, your TOTAL contribution has been laughing off the pain of others, and whether you agree or disagree with sometimes desperately sought answers, you might at least respect the obligation to provide evidence for your voluminous gorps.

    What a disgusting lunatic, you are… come back and see us after Mommy wipes your nose and powders your Pampers…. That is just rich! I feel you about people pushing a certain product and sure there are predatory ass holes out there but there is also tons of valid studies showing that CBD and thc and other cannabinoids help and or heal a great many things.

    I am next in line and have been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. I take CBD 2 times during the day, late morning and late afternoon. I take THC at bedtime. It has helped tremendously! I have been on this regimen for at least a couple of years and I have progresses some, but not enough to change my lifestyle a lot. Cook all of my Husband and my meals. Within just a few months she was gone. She had Ms so she was going anyway, but the psychosis was pure horror for all involved. And the first thing they should do is seek the advice of an anonymous internet poster with a Google U degree?

    On a shitty blog that still uses Disqus? Alcohol and cigarettes are physically adictive, far more so than cannabis, but they are completely legal like food. Your argument has no sense of perspective, whcih often happens when your really have no argument. However, as a former I have now tried several things and none have proven to be addictive for me except sugar. CBD oil has been lifesaving for me to treat severe anxiety — but unlike smoking pot it does not give me an even more urgent desire for the sugar.

    Would that be the God you pray to? Your diseases were likely a combination of genetic predisposition and your poor lifestyle choices. I am glad science aided you in your recovery. Preliminary research suggests real efficacy in THC squelching the Alzheimer inducing amyloid plaque at its root.

    I disagree that cannabis is addictive…. I will say that can be habituating…. Smh … A different strains for a different cures … This is y its illegal.. I have video evidence of her miraculous improvement after we took her out of the mental institute where they had her on loads of very damaging seizure causing meds!!!

    We nearly lost her!!! She started singing, dancing and even was able to go to the toilet by herself in just 7weeks on the oil and other beautiful natural medication as well as a very high nutrient dense diet she was on. I have become incredibly desperate and am now trying to raise funds to save my mums life! I am SO SORRY that your mum had to die in their evil money sucking hands and it is for your mum and others that i MUST raise this money to prove this is possible and that people like my mum and yours do not have to suffer a horrible death!

    My mum is in South Africa in that mental institute where they tie her to a chair all day and violate her body!!! Do you know of anyone that could help us? Or is there anyone on this chat that could help us? Its been almost 4weeks since i started her campaign and we are no where close to the amount we need!!! Most people in my life will not approve of the oil so this is why i am reaching out to people like you and like mindeds now… in hope that something might actually happen!

    Im even thinking of contacting cannabis researchers…. The only thing Marijuana has been proven to be dangerous too? Was in a car accident in july.. My life just came back to normal no more pills. Similarly, tolerance, withdrawal, and physical dependency are entirely different aspects of different kinds of addiction… but in terms of balancing safety and efficacy, the likelihood of tolerance, physical withdrawal, lethality of overdose, cancer potential, metabolite toxicity, biochemical interactions are kindof high up on the list.

    Can any cannabinoids really improve Alzheimer symptoms? But to prevent research and squelch hope for big pharma greed is indeed preposterous. In Canada Diamorphine heroin is used as a post operative pain medication in some cases. Oxycontin and heroin are both derived from the same plant.

    Oxycontin is a synthetic opiate, or opioid. They are the same. Not the same because one is pharmaceutical grade and the other is street grade. With Oxycontin people know exactly what it is and what it will do and Heroin being a street drug primarily is cut with all sorts of things that are awful, and many times unknown. This is an important distinction that must be made when comparing the two drugs. Its greater worth is as an agent for improving brain functioning and activity, with one, notable physiological exception.

    As a survivor of multiple chemotherapy treatments, earlier in my life, I can speak to its incredible properties, to relieve nausea! It changes the perception of the experience of pain in the mind. It allows one to observe pain from a distance, not be consumed by it. Before you express more uninformed mind-vomit, google how opiates chemically interrupt pain transmission, as opposed to cannabis, which effects the mind that processes the input.

    Otherwise, continue to embarrass yourself. Your friends and family think your nuts so all you have is this silly page. You are projecting Google it. Not much for learning, are you?

    So many bullshit statements made in one paragraph. Could it be you are a big pharma troll? Your motives are suspect. Who fears science but those who may lose profit? That must be it! The pharmaceutical industry would LOVE nothing more than to research marijuana. You seem quite uneducated. I, however, do work in the profession. What, then, is your specialty?

    That is a condition, not a specialty. I work in interventional radiology. I just looked over your posts against the world. You are quite angry…you must be suffering. Your energy would be better spent elsewhere. You do know that cannabinoids possess neuroprotectant properties right? There are patents stating such studies. That was quite funny. Not all are uneducated. You sound smart, you know this. How about kjnowing that acetaminophen caused liver damage when combined with alcohol but allowing nyquil to be marketed for 15 years AFTER this was discovered.

    The facts eluded them for 15 years apparently while profits were taken. The medical community knows that combining a set of medicine and alcohol can cause liver damage.

    They do not dictate what Proctor and Gamble sells or how they market. They also do not have control over the ignorance of consumers. Although, I think of the Medical Community in a different context, their ability to get their facts right can still be skewed by factors other than cash, cash, and more cash. Further, the Neo-Conservative, Christian Revivalists, see Marijuana as being a plague, straight from the bowels of Hell, while thinking nothing of sharing a few beers during the picnic, after Sunday services, or firing up the still, hidden out in the woods.

    Pot may be addictive, I will not argue that, however the prescribed medications are also highly addictive. If you were to stop taking anti-psychotics or benzos you could have serious and possibly life threatening withdrawal symptoms. With pot you would probably just be a little grumpy. Any stimulus that functions as reinforcement will almost invariably increase the probability of the behavior producing such a source of reinforcement. You simply miss marijuana as you would miss other non-addictive reinforcers.

    Does he exhibit behavior like a heroin addict during withdrawal? The same is true of marijuana. One might speculate that the major reason that marijuana is not addictive is because of its long half-life.

    Are the antidepressants, that are prescribed regularly, addictive? With all the altzheimers going around in the US millions there are almost no effective treatments, let alone treatments that treat causes and not symptoms of the disease.

    Pigheaded stupidity and greed will delay the implementation of this, but many are already treatiing it. The plant has been used as a medicine for 10, years. The drug war has malignant intent.

    No one with ALZ should be afraid of police for using cannabis oil as medicine. It is the only thing free of harm that restores cognition. People quit talking to us long before we can not speak, and most communication is thru facial expression and body language. The researchers in USA do not want to know how it works because their funding is based on worn out wrong theory. I will not give in to this disease like my Mother and Grandmother did.

    As soon as I was diagnosed with MCI, I became a Vegan should have done that a long time ago and started exercising so much I have destroyed my knees. I really have not progressed a great deal since I was diagnosed several years ago. We have no plans to move so as long as I am living in a Medical Marijuana state, I will continue to use it. The dispensary I go to actually has an MD on staff, which is really good because he can be helpful with respect to dosing and strains.

    So far my life has not changed dramatically and I truly believe it is because of Cannabis. Sorry but l disagree. Can you honestly say that you may not have been subject to such behaviors and ailments, had you never been a smoker? This is outright false.

    As a long time marijuana user I can tell you the night sweats, rage-induction and vertigo experienced during withdrawal are awful. To each his own, JM! You are little more than a contemptible clod. Cannabis is not physically addicting like the hard drugs it is classified with a governmental mistake made by law enforcement not doctors , however it is mildly addicting in psychological terms.

    Most of us do NOT have an issue other than we like it! Some do have an issue, and there the best thing to say may be: Hi Dale, It is so amazing to see that everyday more and more people know the truth, no doubt we will spread all over this planet!

    Dale, It is and always has been about the money and control. All the words used to put Cannabis in a negative light are now being turned around with science and the truth.

    The US government was able to obtain patents for the medicine in Cannabis through the Dept. America is the Land of Hypocrisy! America Land of the Free? To get back to the previous post abut it being addictive. I need it for my illness because it really does a decent job of lessening my symptoms.

    Years ago, when I used it I wanted it because I liked the way that it made me feel and wanted to keep doing it to feel good. I have been addicted for years. I want to give up but find it very hard.

    I smoked weed for yrs and quit when I got tired of it. I never became addicted. Now sugar that is another issue——highly addictive at least to me. To me any addictive feelings one may get from Cannabis is there body simply telling them to not stop doing good to me. There is a lot of great Medical Cannabis news coming out but sadly it must all be imported because of the lame ass prohibition still on Cannabis.

    Thanks, I have been doing a lot of research and I am tired of the lack of Freedom we have in America because of the Drug War. It affects everyone negatively! The US Governemnt owns the patent U. Patent to the medicine in Cannabis for a reason! Pat, I am happy you are able to get some relief. He gets relief and comfort from smoking cannabis and smoking cigarettes separately.

    I am 74 yrs of age and when I am not longer fit enough to look after him, they will put my grandson in a home and take away the cannabis because it has a detrimental affect on the brain he only has a few years left to live! The care homes are all non-smoking now so he will not be able to smoke cigarettes either! How bloody cruel is this? Cannabis helps one deal with pain better than opioids.

    The side effects of analgesics are legion, they are addicting, and have to be taken on a scheduled basis, and if not taken as prescribed, the pain comes back with a vengeance. If you stop the use of cannabis, there are no withdrawal symptoms. One who has lived through the experience. And considering all the health benefits, and lack of harmful effects.. Sadly in America more people are killed by legal prescription drugs taken illegally than all the illicit drugs put together!

    America is the Land of Great Hypocrisy where the legendary lies from our government over many years have been responsible for countless deaths. Isreal leads the World with knowledge in this area… http: When campaigning for a pro-pot gubernatorial candidate, The niche I carved out for myself was to contact every PA County Medical Society.

    The phones might as well be answered by the AMA. I got into it because I have a background in research some, neurological. I have Dementia and hit the books looking for an answer for myself. My first call to a County Medical Society, I got the director. How can I help? In the real world, these scientifically founded professionals keep abreast of the newest findings. That is, if THC really does help the patients with their dementia. There are no addictive properties or long term negative effects with Cannabis.

    Quit painkiller opiates or Nicotine cold turkey. All this s fear mongering reefermadness bullshit is slowing down the advancement of canna based, life saving medicines.

    People are suffering and all articles like this and prohibition in general are doing, is continuing their needles suffering. Shatter or wax works better for me than smoking cannabis, with no smoke and no noticeable weed smell. Shatter is part of the overdose culture that stems from alcohol culture all over the world. It helped her sleep and calmed her considerably, no hallucinations and also made her very hungry…She was currently taking Effexor which had some calming effects but the agitation was still present unlike with the cannabis…I am going to discuss the possibility with her Dr….

    There is no current treatment. She is 80, so we are not concerned about potential long-term effects or addiction. At her age, the immediate challenges of managing this disease take priority. We fully support any regulations that aim to inhibit the misuse and exploitation of otherwise beneficial medical marijuana programs. So a couple tokes a night for five years. So I can say that marijuana was a lot better than any pill they have out today.

    Thank you for sharing your first hand experience. Will inform my children… It is in their bloodline. Hope the good outweighs the bad. My father has dementia from a bad fall and he hit his head. After that he has gotten worse and worse.

    He is like Dr. Okay one minute and angry the next minute. I am thinking about trying medical marijuana for him. His behavior in the late afternoon early evening is getting very hard to manage.

    He throws his walker at people and is very restless constantly getting up and down out of bed. We all need help! Cannabis plant is best. A friend grew it, when I put a snapped off, dried, raw bud in my mouth and slept with it tucked in there snugged down between teeth and lip after many months of coughing myself awake, I finally and instantly stopped coughing and slept beautifully.

    Woke up rested, and feeling mellow and happy. Hemp oil too, has many health benefits and you can buy it in Tesco…. She has ALZ and her physician has tried every prescription available to treat her. My Mom and our family were living a nightmare until this treatment! It slows her mind down enough for her to relax and stop the constant fidgeting.

    She also sleeps much better. This disease is horrible for a patient but it is absolutely devastating for their loved ones. I am so thrilled to read this about your dad. The majority of diseases in dogs all result in the same types of symptoms — chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, change in behavior, etc.

    CBD is an all-around stimulant that can help your dog relax and alleviate pain in troubling times. When thinking about CBD for your dog, you should first understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. Firstly, they both come from the same cannabis sativa plant, however, have different properties and results. Marijuana — is the buds, leaves, and resin of the cannabis plant and are a high source of a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol THC.

    Hemp — is the rest of the plant. Whilst the tincture and the oil are great, you may find that the dog treats work better for your dog as they are more prone to want to take the treat. Find out what dog treats we recommend below. CBD products are absolutely safe for your dog as they are non-toxic and offers a relaxing stimulant and pain-relief effects.

    Cannabinoids come from the hemp oil or hemp seed oil and leave out most if not all of the THC making it a safe supplement for your pet. No, CBD products are not a psychoactive agent, meaning that they do not contain the substance THC that causes this reaction.

    Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa with the active ingredient THC, but CBD is a relaxant and pain-relief agent and non-psychotropic. We have created a list of the best brands for selling CBD oil for dogs below:. It comes in three formulas.

    Pain Relief , Health Restore , and Calming. Therabis — focuses on calm quiet. Zesty Paws — focuses primarily on calming bites. Hemp Chewz — focuses on joint pain.

    Honest Paws also has a great support team willing to answer any and all of your questions. And better yet, you can reach them right on your Facebook messenger. Click here to start chatting with Honest Paws support. As we mentioned above, there are a thousand and one reasons pet owners are turning to CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats. Plus, a fear of flying does not help an ESA so you want to calm him just like he calms you.

    Sure, he gets excited like all furry creatures, but he knows how to chill. Might be from cancer, arthritis, any joint and mobility problems, inflammation, or just overall pain. What if they are prone to certain diseases like liver or kidney disease? All of it hurts for you to see them in that condition, especially with all the prescriptions, surgeries, and countless vet visits that rack up.

    Alex White Plume becomes first farmer since to cultivate and sell a hemp crop in the United States. Hemp wins on Indian reservations. The new "Final Rule," issued on March 21, , is virtually identical to an "Interpretive Rule" issued on October 9, that never went into effect because of a Ninth Circuit Stay issued on March 7, Hemp advocates say that the public and Congress need to hear from outraged citizens.

    Cockrel's decision to end the school year with a project entitled "Saving the Trees," in which the use of industrial hemp fibers as a possible alternative to wood pulp was to be discussed, Cockrel was contacted by a representative of the Cable News Network and asked if she would permit CNN's cameras to film her class presentation for use in a larger program on tree conservation.

    Cockrel informed Principal Slate of the impending visit, and he agreed to allow it. Harrelson made two trips to the Simpsonville school in and School officials approved both visits. In July of , the school board fired Cockrel. The suit was filed in , and was finally settled in Summer of Cockrel now teaches in Detroit. Paul Benhaim, one of the founders of the modern hemp industry revival, has created a CD entitled 'Fields of Green. This CD is a showcase of the amazing versatility of the hemp plant.

    Unique in its design and numerous details focused on environmental responsibility, the structure is deemed the first hemp straw building in North America, maybe the world. From Aug 25th to 29th, , thirty hemp enthusiasts from all over the country publicly harvested and manufactured hemp on the Pine Ridge Res.

    Scientists at the Univ. David Wise of Hemp Fed Beef Company uses pounds of soybean, pounds of distiller's grain, and pounds of hemp, which acts as a nutritional uptake catalyst, as feed for his cattle, which enables the cattle to gain lean muscle mass.

    Lee added, "Because of the high oil content and the fatty acids, the animals actually utilize more of their feed. Local company uses natural products for vehicle interiors.

    Composite America, an upstart Fargo, ND company, is operating a plant that molds fabrics containing hemp, flax, and jute into interior panels for machinery, vehicles, and airplanes. After learning that natural fibers are starting to be used by U. They found that industrial-grade hemp is sought by industries because of the strength of the long fibers. Composite America searched for niche markets, rather than aiming at automotive industries, because the overhead to produce at Detroit-production volumes would be extremely costly.

    Composite America purchased a thermoforming press machine from a German company and now has inked contracts with Bobcat, of Gwinner, N. Composite America also creates panels for the cockpits of Cirrus airplanes, which have manufacturing facilities in Duluth, Minn. Cirrus will produce airplanes in The Indoor Tanning Association representing thousands of businesses and the Hemp Industries Association's member companies received clarification from the United States Air Force Surgeon General's Office that hemp skin care products are "not prohibited" under a policy dating back to that bans ingestion of hemp foods by Air Force personnel.

    The North American trade groups sought clarification of the Air Force policy on hemp sun block and other personal care products that contain hemp seed oil after reports first published April 23rd in Mach Meter, the Online Publication of Cannon Air Force Base, raised concerns that items could cause false positive drug tests.

    The false story was picked up by the Associated Press and then reported on at least 27 local and cable TV stations in May , damaging various American body care businesses. The reports misled the general public into thinking they should not use hemp oil sunblock and tanning lotions because they allegedly could cause positive drug tests for marijuana and trigger drug sniffing dogs, which is untrue. The three-judge panel concluded that, since "non-psychoactive hemp products" are not on the DEA's list of dangerous drugs, the Administration has no jurisdiction over their sale.

    The court did not reverse its original decision on rehearing, and the DEA let its deadline pass for appealing the case to the United States Supreme Court. Three years after it was proposed, the hemp foods ban is dead. The DEA has funded the destruction of 4.

    This massive annual eradication effort stands in sharp contrast to farmers across the globe continuing to legally produce industrial hemp for export to the United States. This means that The ditchweed is primarily being eradicated in mid-western states where it was once grown to support WWII efforts with the encouragement of the federal government.

    How the DEA collects their own data on ditchweed, which is sometimes referred to as feral hemp, is puzzling because officials at the DEA regularly state there is no difference between hemp and marijuana. Nevertheless, their own statistics clearly differentiate between ditchweed and "cultivated marijuana" plants that are destroyed.

    The late summer timing and removal methods cause countless ripe seeds to fall to the ground where they will sprout again the following year. A nationwide leader, Indiana has eradicated, on average, 65 million wild hemp plants per year from through , compared to the eradication of , cultivated marijuana plants per year in the same time period.

    Marijuana eradication requires that state police work overtime during the summer and wasted nearly 31, hours of officer's time in each of and , for example, accounting for 8. Ironically, FlexForm, an Indiana manufacturer whose hemp-content materials are found in an estimated 3 million vehicles in North America today, uses approximately , pounds of hemp fiber per year, which it must import from Canada and Europe. Court of Appeals in front of a three-judge panel to reverse efforts by the DEA to place an injunction preventing the White Plumes from growing industrial hemp.

    Judge Beam commented, "It seems asinine to me that they can bring in the Canadian stuff and use it but can't grow it.

    The White Plumes assert their right to raise non-psychoactive industrial hemp as an exercise of their sovereign rights pursuant to an Oglala Sioux Tribal ordinance enacted to secure rights guaranteed by the Treaties of and signed between the Lakota Nation and the U. The DEA sought a permanent injunction to prevent the White Plumes from growing industrial hemp without federal permission because the DEA has placed a de facto ban on non-psychoactive industrial hemp farming in the U.

    Late last December, the court granted the government's motion for summary judgment, which led to the appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Eight Circuit ruled that the White Plume family could not cultivate hemp, and that congress should ultimately decide. Green Krete, a company in Fairfield, Iowa, builds hemp blocks that are a mixture of hemp and ceramic cements, similar to building material used in Europe for years.

    These load-bearing and natural hemp-fiber blocks can be drilled, sawed, nailed or screwed; plus channels are routered for electrical and plumbing. Thin set mortar is applied with notched trowels. Finishes can include plaster, stucco, siding or brick veneer, etc. The hemp blocks' high thermal-mass capacity stores energy and releases it gradually integrates allowing the home to remain cool in summer, yet warm in winter.

    Green Krete's hemp block method allows for excellent sound insulation, fire-resistant, resistant to rodents, termites, insects, and resistant to fungi, mold and mildew. Check them out at greenkrete. Some members of Congress are trying to change the federal ban in order to allow states to regulate hemp farming, which marks a major milestone for the hemp movement in America. The bill defined industrial hemp and assigned authority over it to the states, allowing laws in those states regulating the growing and processing of industrial hemp to take effect.

    Paul was joined by five original co-sponsors, including Reps. The bill may be viewed here. At the luncheon consumer advocate Ralph Nader called the U. Adnams, the Suffolk-based Great Britain brewer, has completed one of the most energy-efficient breweries ever built in September The project also uses Lime Technology's lime mortar, plaster and render.

    The combination of patented air-lime based binders and the woody core of the industrial hemp plant results in the capture of significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

    Hemp, in common with all similar plants, transforms carbon dioxide during its rapid growth and captures the carbon, releasing the oxygen to atmosphere. This has an immediate positive effect in achieving the sequestration of the principal greenhouse gas and furthermore, this captured carbon is then locked into the fabric of the buildings constructed.

    Finally, when the air-lime based binder sets, even more carbon dioxide absorption occurs which all contributes to reversing the carbon debt. High insulating properties of the Hemp Lime walls means that the 4,m2 distribution centre has the ability to maintain the internal temperature at degrees centigrade without any mechanical cooling or heating system.

    This kind of technology saves thousands of pounds in energy costs. Commissioner Roger Johnson formally proposed rules to license farmers in ND to grow industrial hemp under existing state law. North Dakota's rules require farmers to secure a permit from DEA, the farmers would have to undergo criminal background checks, the planted hemp must contain less than.

    The license will go to farmer and North Dakota Assistant House Majority Leader David Monson ten years after the first hemp bill was passed in the state. Farmers will make history, as North Dakota is the first state to grant commercial hemp farming licenses in the United States in fifty years. Commissioner Johnson sent a letter to DEA administrator Karen Tandy asking that the DEA waive individual registration fees for newly-licensed industrial hemp producers in North Dakota and that the DEA work with the Agriculture Department so farmers can plant the historic first industrial hemp crop this spring.

    The newly developed crop of hemp milks, packing a powerhouse punch of omega-3 essential fatty acids and protein are the latest entries in the continually-growing hemp food market. Both brands come in original, vanilla and chocolate flavors. Never sold before commercially, hemp milk is high in protein like soy milk, but hemp does not contain the phytic acid and trypsin inhibitors that soy does.

    Hemp milk is a good source of balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, unlike rice milk, and it also contains a wide range of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Iron, Niacin, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Thiamin and Zinc.

    Hemp milk is a refreshing alternative to nut- and grain-based beverages as well as dairy beverages. Grain-based beverages are often lacking in essential fatty acids EFAs , protein and minerals, unless they are fortified.

    CBD Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

    NuLeaf Naturals. V's Fashion Room W San Antonio St; Cbd Rich Hemp Oil Benefits – Final Summary For San Antonio, Texas. Rated Owners battle over San . In this review, the rich spectrum of hemp phytochemicals is discussed by In this review, we focus on hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), since it is a source of fibers, oil and . The sum of the THC and CBD fractions (without reporting the distinct Summary of the concentrations in cannabinoids found in different. Summary: CBD oil just became legal in Michigan in January of this year The service by Mari Mora, in Allendale MI, uses CBD oil for the massage and her said the DEA's final rule did not violate the Agricultural Act of (Farm Bill), . HempAmerica, Inc has filed permits to grow CBD rich cannabis in the state of Maine.

    Recent Notable Developments



    NuLeaf Naturals. V's Fashion Room W San Antonio St; Cbd Rich Hemp Oil Benefits – Final Summary For San Antonio, Texas. Rated Owners battle over San .


    In this review, the rich spectrum of hemp phytochemicals is discussed by In this review, we focus on hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), since it is a source of fibers, oil and . The sum of the THC and CBD fractions (without reporting the distinct Summary of the concentrations in cannabinoids found in different.


    Summary: CBD oil just became legal in Michigan in January of this year The service by Mari Mora, in Allendale MI, uses CBD oil for the massage and her said the DEA's final rule did not violate the Agricultural Act of (Farm Bill), . HempAmerica, Inc has filed permits to grow CBD rich cannabis in the state of Maine.


    My wife heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price the entire I use the CBD (nonpyscho-active part of cannabis) during the day and THC .. That is just rich! a big family history of Alzheimer's and my Mother was the last victim. And considering all the health benefits, and lack of harmful effects.


    It's the part of the hemp plant (AKA the cannabis plant) that induces a euphoric state. .. To get an idea of the benefits of CBD, just take a look at video of CBD oil helping So the summary of the biggest effects of CBD on the endocrine system ? But when it comes to anxiety and paranoia in general, a THC-rich strain of.


    These states include Arkansas, New Mexico and, surprisingly, Texas, but NOT Oklahoma.) Over 30 . offers a great summary of why we need to reconsider industrial hemp. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opinion invalidating DEA final rules can be .. With our superior quality CBD Rich Hemp Oil you benefit from the.


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